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It’s Time to Hit the Road: Top Weekend Getaways from Pune

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Who doesn’t want to take a break especially when the heat is sweating you out like anything? Of course, all of you do. So, instead of staring at the Facebook feeds and being jealous after viewing your friends’ weekend trip photographs, log into the website of the travel giants like Yatra. Moreover, instead of booking hotels near Pune railway station and waiting for your ticket to be confirmed, cut the train crap for just once and hit the road to get an experience of these top weekend getaways from Pune.

The Magical Mulshi:

As your leave the highway and hit the side lanes taking you down to the Mulshi Dam, the musical note of the Mula River flowing close by will attract with your ear. This musical orchestra of the flowing river and the singing birds will open up your heart and mind to take in the mystique forests of the Sahyadri Range. Moreover, if you are a trekker, you will definitely feel like you have been transported to the mirth of heaven as the trails would take you to the interiors of the forest and open the gates of a magical kingdom before your eyes. In case, you are a little afraid of saying “Hello!” to the friendly animals, you can always sit by the lake and enjoy a scenic boat ride in broad daylight. Moreover, suppose you do have a courageous heart, why don’t you trek to the forts of Koraigad and Dhangad to find out if the rumor about the existence of ghosts there is true or not?


The Crazy Kamshet:

Kamshet is one of those abnormally beautiful rustic beauties that you read about in the classic tales. As you enter this hill station, the aroma of tranquility will leave you so intoxicated that you would not even think of returning to the comfort of your home. In fact, the adventurous activities like paragliding and trekking that will make you feel every single breath of yours will drive you so crazy that you will definitely fall in love with this place.



The Lovely Lavasa:

Who in the world told you that you need a passport and a VISA to set out on a trip to Italy? Did you even know that the Italian ambiance and architecture exists just 57 kilometers away from Pune? In case you cannot believe what, you have just read, please do visit the hill station of Lavasa and experience the shock when you find yourself standing amidst the style and luxury of the Italian town, Portofino, in the heart of Maharashtra! Moreover, finally, when you overcome from the shocking state of yours, enjoy visiting the gardens and parks or taking a casual trek down the trails left behind by the insane explorers.


The Mystique Matheran:

Imagine visiting a place where you do not have to wake up to the honk of the vehicles. Isn’t that such a charming thought? Definitely! Moreover,  you experience this supreme bliss, you have to visit the hill station of Matheran. This tranquil hill station is a “no automobile zone.” Hence, this place has the minimum amount of pollution that you can think of among all the weekend getaways from Pune. So, park your car at the Dasturi Car Park and walk for a quick 40 minutes to reach the heaven on the earth. Moreover, in case you are accompanied by senior citizens or children or people who have a problem walking for long, you can definitely let them enjoy the ride on horseback and feel like the owner of this magical kingdom.


Now that you have managed to read the article despite the desperation of getting your car started immediately, please remember to cancel your booking at one of the hotels near Pune railway station hotels near Pune railway station and, then, set out to your dream destination on this weekend!

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