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Travelling To Greece: 4 Things To Get Excited About

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You’ve booked your summer holiday in Greece already, and the excitement is beginning to mount! But have you made any decisions about what you should do once you are out there? There is a long list of things to choose from, from discovering ancient history to exploring the stunning countryside. Can’t quite decide? Here are five things to add to your Greek bucket list!

Visit Ancient Greece

The country was the most powerful in Antiquity and produced some fantastic thinkers and philosophers. Much of this ancient society has been well preserved. It’s possible to visit most of the ruined cities and temples. One of the most popular is the Acropolis of Athens. This citadel is located on a hilltop above the city and contains a lot of historically significant buildings. Including the famous Parthenon. Also in Athens, the Temple of Hephaestus is an excellently preserved Ancient Greek temple. It was used as a place of worship right up until the 19th Century.


Take A Trip To The Islands

For a real taste of Greece, head off the mainland and explore the Greek Islands. You’ll find hotels on most of the islands, especially the popular ones best known for beaches and partying. If you are more interested in the beaches, then booking some time on the Ionian islands will be your best option. The island of Delos, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, has a rich history and culture. If you are more interested in nightlife, take a trip to the buzzy island of Ios. If you’re planning on taking the whole family, book a few nights in Crete, one of the most family-friendly of the islands.


Eat Like A Greek

Greek cuisine is some of the best in the world.It’s also said to be the healthiest as well! Expect lots of oily fish, feta cheese, olives, and olive oil. The Greeks eat a lot of meat as well, including chicken, rabbit, and lamb. You can expect to dine on fancy salads and also lots of rustic bread and soups. While you are in Greece, don’t forget to sample some Ouzo, the national drink. One of the nation’s favorite dishes that you must sample if Gyro. This is meat that has been cooked on a spit, and served in pitta breads with salad and sauce.


Take In The Scenery

The Greek countryside is some of the prettiest you’ll ever see. And it doesn’t matter whether you stick to the mainland or sail out to an island. To see as much of it as possible, book one of the many driving tours of Greece. The country features some amazing beaches, covered in sugar-white sand. There are also plenty of breathtaking views away from the coastline. As you travel through the countryside, you’ll stumble across many landmarks left over from Ancient Greece. You’ll be amazed at how many temples are left over from antiquity!

Ready to soak up some summer sun in an exciting location? Better get packing for your big Greek holiday!

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