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Types of Connectors used in Computers and Technologies

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Connectors! What are they used for? A rookie may ask! Basically, you can use them to connect the different subsections of circuits jointly. You can use it wherever you need to disconnect the subsections at some point or other- be it power inputs, boards or peripheral connections that you might need to replace.

While connectors vary in types and have various functionalities, you might want to have a first round idea on the most commonly used connectors, it is imperative that you learn the basics of the terms that the experts use to describe connectors.

  • Gender: Connectors are typically described as male or female. Basically, the ‘female’ ones are used to hold and receive her ‘male’ counterparts. While a female connector is primarily known as a jack, receptacle or outlet, its male counterpart is commonly known as plug.
  • Polarity: By and large, the connectors can be linked in single orientation. It is called its polarity.
  • Contacts: Contacts are the metal portions of the connector that touches one another, thus creating an electric connection.
  • Pitch: A number of connectors come with various contacts in a repeated manner. The connector’s pitch refers to the distance from the centre of a contact to that of its next.

Now it’s time for you to have a look at different types of connectors.


Types of Connectors

USB Connectors

You can find them in two variants, peripherals and host. In differ when USB standard is concerned, and the fact is reflected on the connectors-on-cable. Nevertheless, both of them have some features in common.


  1. Firstly, they can be inserted in one single way, that is, they are polarized. Any forceful insertion can bring damage to the device concerned.
  2. Secondly, both of the types will have at least four contacts; although having five of them is the convention these days.
  3. Thirdly, all types of USB cables have plastic moldings to the connector, thus reducing any type of strain on the cable that might hamper the electric connection.

Board-to-board or BTB Connectors

You can use them to link Printed Circuit Boards, or PCB, which are electronic parts having a conductive pattern embossed on its surface of its insulating bottom in a repetitive fashion. A terminal to a BTB connector is linked to a PCB. Such connectors come with complete housing and definite terminals. Once again, the terminal is made from conductive materials like copper alloy. Let us have a look at its features.


You can have them in different ‘rows’, such as single row, dual row, triple row and quad row in surface mount termination and through hole. Also, the headers and sockets that come with the connector can be had for horizontal and vertical orientation, as per your needs. Refer to www.gradconn.com for more details in this regard.

You can also have U shaped pin headers with BTB connectors; they will be fit for PCB applications, especially the co-planar types. You can check the co-planar Mating guide of various connector providing companies for more details in this regard. You can find them online.

SIM Card Connectors

Do you feel that it’s okay to move around with sub SIM Card? Perhaps, the answer depends on the factors, such as your need to draw well-marked line between your personal and professional life, and frequency that you need to move in and out to your hometown. If carrying dual or multiple SIM cards is the option for you, then you must be looking for a phone set that accommodates dual SIM. But what if your chosen cell phone accommodates no more than a single SIM? A SIM card connector will come to your rescue for sure. Many of the best selling phones, as well as latest models from the high end companies have a smaller SIM tray and therefore, these models fail to accommodate more than one SIM card.


A connector can do the trick with such phone sets. Experts employed in the connector industry are now busy designing connectors to hold different types of SIM cards. As for instance, there are connectors accommodating a standard SIM and a nano SIM. Similarly, you can find models making space for micro SIMs and Mini SIM cards, as well, which subscribe to both GSM and CDMA standards. What you need is to choose the unit that is well worth your investment, and the professionals working on it will be more than happy to help you out in this regard.

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