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Does Your Car Really Need An Interim Car Service?

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If you are keen to be a responsible car owner, regular servicing of your vehicle is the most fundamental responsibility. While car service isn’t a legal requirement like MOT test, it is equally or probably more important that latter. Yet, many car owners in the country are clueless on how many times they should take their vehicle for servicing and which particular type of car service they should consider.

Regardless if you are a first-time car owner who is new to the car servicing thumb rules or you have some confusions that need to be cleared, this post will surely turn out useful to you.

Why Service Your Car Regularly

The primary motive behind a car service is to check parts and components which wear down over time and depending on usage terms. Parts that are time-worn or broken are replaced during servicing. Several parts like brake pads and oil need to be checked more frequently than other parts of your vehicle like spark plugs and fuel filter.


It is worth noting here that service checklist and recommended time-intervals may vary dramatically depending on the make and model of vehicles. In order to confirm what parts of your car needs to be inspected at what time interval, check your car’s manufacturer given handbook.

Although your car usage is very less, you will still need to ensure regular servicing for it as many of its parts can get time-worn even when not used since long. There are some more benefits of investing your time and money in regular servicing your car such as it will help you get a good resale price, run efficiently, ensure safe drive and prevent breakdowns to a great extent.

What Is Interim Car Service

Experts of the niche recommend car owners to undertake an interim car service at every 6000 miles or 6 months time interval. The interim car service is mainly for car owners who drive 24,000 or more miles in one year – the high mileage car users. These users need to get their car serviced for minimum 2 times a year, but it is not mandatory for them to opt for full car service both times.

Typically, An Interim Car Service Includes Following Checks:

  • Oil
  • Oil filter Check
  • Brakes
  • Lights
  • Tyres
  • Fluids

The interim service mainly involves basic maintenance checks; in this test, a mechanic check for faulty light, worn out tyres, leaking hoses, coolant level, brake and oil change. However, the complete checklist may vary from one garage to another. You can visit your local garage and learn what all checks they cover during an interim car service. And you may also learn the difference between interim and full car service.

Basically, an interim service is designed to check parts that are more likely to need maintenance or replacement in shorter time intervals. A car owner is recommended to book an interim service at every 6 months; this will help them drive safe, reliably and efficiently.


Get Smarter – Opt For Regular Car Servicing

A properly looked after car will help you save big sum in the long term and keep driving problems at bay. A regularly serviced car engine ensures 4% more efficient fuel economy. If you drive often, this can truly save you big. Regular car service will ensure your vehicle give an optimal performance while on the road.

Experts recommend used car buyers to check the service history of the vehicle. Thus, don’t skip car servicing until there is a major trouble with your four-wheel. Replacing a small component during an interim car service can save you from major and expensive repairs later on.

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