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Types of Residential Properties in Malibu

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Malibu is an excellent place to live. It provides a wide variety of options for investors to choose from. The residences in Malibu can be strategically located near the beach where the sound of the lapping waves is enough to calm your soul, or they could be land locked with greenery around it.

The beach city of California- Malibu is a destination most popular for its residences facing the sea and the sun. Tourists world over like to visit the place for their share of sun and sand. Likewise, there are investors who would give an arm and a leg for some of the hot properties of the Malibu real estate.


Different Types of Residential properties in Malibu

Residential properties in Malibu belong to not just one category. If you are looking to invest in the desirable properties of Malibu, you must be well versed with the different kinds of properties available in this city. Here are some of the types of properties of Malibu Real Estate for sale.

  • The beach front single family homes– The beachfront family homes for single family use are a great option as most properties in Malibu have been constructed keeping in mind the same. There is just the requisite number of rooms and washrooms all complete with an equal amount of space as common areas. They have been designed keeping the mind the number of people they are required to cater to and can be designed further to make it very comfortable for the same.
  • The land side single family houses– If waking up to the sound of the lashing waves, not among your favorite, you can opt for the land facing houses. They too have the same number of enclosures within with a generous amount of functional and leisurely spaces. The properties have been found around lush gardens that add to the greenery, thereby enhancing the beauty of the place.
  • Condominiums that face the beach– If having residences and properties with full ownership too much of a headache for you, then having condos is probably your thing. It lets you have complete ownership of the condo you possess and allows you to have your rights over the common spaces just as you need it. The authorities maintaining the property ensure that you have a fantastic locale to enjoy the facilities of your condo.
  • The land facing condominiums– The hot properties of Malibu luxury real estate has some of the world’s best land facing condos that could put a king’s mansion to shame. It can be fully furnished should you wish to acquire the kind or just the property to construct a dream home just the way you want it. Nestled among the greenery and with the well-manicured landscape around it, it is a treat to sore eyes.


Malibu offers yet another category of acquiring houses where buyers get manufactured homes to call their home. One quick survey of the properties of the place at the behest of the best people to take you around will make it all worthwhile for you because they would help you nab the best deal.

The beauty of Malibu and its beaches are to die for. Having to own a hot property for you and your family is nothing short of a dream come true.

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