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US Waiver Applications- What they are and How to Get Them

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There are multiple reasons for which Canadian citizens might not be allowed to cross the US border. Some of these reasons include medical conditions, criminal records or deportation scenarios. If you are a Canadian citizen, you might find yourself in a situation where a US waiver is required. Many are unaware of the illegality of their stay on the Canadian side of the border, but if you are facing such a dilemma, you need to know what a US waiver is and how you can get it. In this article, we will chase these questions and see what waivers are all about.

An American waiver application has to be submitted to the Department of Homeland Security. The US waiver application is far from quick, and it can be very demanding. You will require the I192 US waiver form, which you will need to fill out. Let’s take a look at what the entire process implies.

The first things you have to do when filing a US waiver application get your fingerprints taken. This is done by either a fingerprinting agency which has the necessary accreditations or by the police. This first step in the process can get quite messing due to you having to outsource it most times, which can result in losing time along the way.



The US is very keen on making sure that people crossing its border will not unnecessarily stress the country’s economy. This means that you need to have your own money if you want to cross the border. Proof of this and other things such as the fact that you are connected to Canada in some way will be needed for your US waiver. A number of documents required by the US will also be part of your waiver. Prior to granting border crossing clearance, the US will want to see documents pertaining to immigration, bio, court and even criminal record.

There are multiple ways in which you can approach submitting a waiver application. The first one is, of course, to do everything by you. This would, of course, imply that you handle all the paperwork yourself and actually learn what paperwork is needed in the first place. This route is the hardest but you can save some money this way. If you pursue this task alone, make sure you are extra careful.

The second method of filing an application is by having a lawyer do it. Lawyers come with the perk of having extended knowledge about the law, but at the same time, they come with high pay demands that can really do a number on your bank account.

The third option would be to hire an agency that specializes and operates within this spectrum. Hiring and agency would be cheaper than a lawyer as well. They can also provide assistance with knowledge and experience in that particular domain.

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