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A Few Useful Services Of Cozlink That You Cant Miss Out

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Cozlink is the name of an autonomous R&D B2C mall. The year of the foundation of the company was the year of 2010, it’s situated in Shenzhen South China and it integrates manufacturing and sales. It is amongst the online outlets of Anxun International Co., Ltd. The key business line of Cozlink consists of fiber optic cables, fiber optic transceivers, PLC Splitter. Expedient self-service ordering procedure lets the company offer one-stop service to its clients. The company’s numerous years of manufacturing experience and outstanding technology lets it become the leading manufacturer of the industry!

Anxun International Co., Ltd, the parent company, presently has its personal couple of factories, and they are maintaining the company philosophy, which is client-oriented, service oriented, incessant innovation. The company is making rapid development, with first-rate production line as well as testing gear, they will keep on focussing on the expansion of the universal optical communications business, growing strong incessantly to deliver the top-notch communications products!


Main Products of Cozlink

The main products of Cozlink are:


Fiber Optical Transceiver – Optical modules happen to be the widely made use of in fiber channel, Ethernet, SDH/SONET, and LTE/CPRI/OBSAI. All of the fiber transceivers of the company are 100% compatible with the key brands and the company can also present personalized optical items.

Fiber Patch Cords – These are made use of in a couple of key application areas, namely, telecommunication networks and FTTH fields. Cozlink accepts the customization span of fiber patch cord.

PLC Splitter – The are made use of in the distribution or combining of optical signals, extensively made use of in GPON Network. Cozlink can also offer personalized services to any PLC Splitters and clients can modify logo.


CWDM/ DWDM Mux Demux, High-speed cables, FTTH products, and PCI-E server adapters

Cozlink optical transceiver manufacturers make fiber optic transceivers in every form factor, between 100 Mbps and 100 Gbps that are totally compliant to IEEE 802.3 and MSA and standards. The company makes the fiber optic transceivers pass demanding in-house practices and gain ISO certificate, which includes RoHS, CE, and FCC. In this way, its fiber optic transceivers are internationally standardized quality assured and are guaranteed of high compatibility as well as performance.

Among the fiber optic transceivers that Cozlink offers are Cisco® S-Class 10GBASE SFP+ modules. These present customers with various 10 Gigabit Ethernet connectivity choices enhanced for Enterprise as well as data center applications. S-Class optics happen to be accessible for a universal reaches required for such applications.


The features & benefits of  Cisco 10GBASE SFP+ Modules

The key characteristics of Cisco 10GBASE SFP+ modules consist of:

  • Minimum 10G form factor
  • Supports 10GBASE Ethernet exclusively
  • Commercial temp between 0 and 70°C only
  • Trendy- switchable input/output device that gets plugged into the Cisco platform’s Ethernet SFP+ port
  • Presentselasticity of interface options
  • Supports digital ocular monitoring ability
  • Cisco quality identification (ID) trait that makes it possible for a Cisco platform to detect – optics that Cisco technology supports
  • Optical interoperability with 10GBASE X2, 10GBASE XENPAK, & 10GBASE XFP interfaces on the identical link

Below we look at SFP-10G-SR and SFP-10G-SR-S.

SFP-10G-SR Overview

Cisco SFP-10G-SR module’s the 10G fiber Optical Transceiver that is multi mode. It supports a maximum of 400m link span when making use of 4700Mhz KM MMF (OM3). The trendy-swappable supported characteristic does not require powering off the device as the time it’s plugged into a Cisco switch’s Ethernet SFP+ port. Cisco quality identification (ID) trait lets a Cisco platform classify whether the modules certified and tried by Cisco. Cisco 10GBASE SFP+ modules present customers with an extensive diversity of 10 Gigabit Ethernet connectivity choices for enterprise wiring closet, data center, as well as service supplier transport applications.


The key features of this Optical Transceiver are:

  • 10 Gigabit Ethernet
  • SFP+ transceiver module
  • LC/PC multi-mode
  • 10GBase-SR
  • 850 nm
  • up to 984 ft
  • designed for Catalyst Switch Module 3012
  • Switch Module 3110X; Nexus 5010
  • Switch Module 3110G


Cisco 10GBASE-SR module is capable of supporting a link span of 26 meters on standard FDDI-grade MMF. Making use of 2000 MHz*km MMF link lengths of as much as 300 meters are possible. Making use of 4700 MHz*km MMF link lengths of as much 400 meters are possible.

  • SFP-10G-SR-S happens to be Cisco Non-S-class optics while SFP-10G-SR happens to be Cisco S-class optics.
  • It’s vital for all those making use of Cisco switch to pick an optical module that’s Cisco compatible.

If you wish to know more about the diverse modules available and the difference between SFP-10G-SR and SFP-10G-SR-S sfp-10g-sr vs sfp-10g-sr-s is where you are going to get them. On this page, you are also going get information on SFP-10G-SR vs SFP-10G-LR, SFP-10G-SR vs SFP-10G-T, SFP-10G-SR vs SFP-10G-LRM, SFP-10G-SR vs X2-10G-SR, and more.



 To know more on the efficient running of data centers and the role that Cozlink plays in this you should head over to https://www.cozlink.com/ Here you are going to find more information about the company and its products. You are also going to find various articles on data centers, optical fiber cable, data center cable and more.

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