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Necessity of using a Software (Keylogger) for Employee Monitoring

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Employing monitoring is becoming an everyday tradition in the ever changing corporate world. The need to know the employees’ activities at their workplace computer is becoming many companies obsession. But while many from afar may look at it as a breach of the employee privacy, the pros of the trend continue to advocate for its use. The most common way that firms are achieving this is by the use of readily available monitoring software that can be acquired for free or at a little fee.

Most of the software is embedded on the employee’s computer or the company’s network. There, they can track every action of employee activity on the computer when he or she is at the workplace. Some are cunningly installed making them undetectable by antivirus and common blockers. Hence, they can siphon data and employees’ activities, even without his or her knowledge. The data collected may then be analyzed by the administrator and put to various uses.

Advantage of Software Keylogger

The main advantage of using a keylogger is to ensure that the company resources are used for their intended use. When employees know they are being monitored, it is rather hard to use the network for personal use. Furthermore, they may not use the network resources beyond the acceptable limits in terms of bandwidth and memory. Hence, the software can reduce employees’ excesses.



Use of monitoring software also gives the human resource manager a clear way to access employee’s productivity. The data obtained from the software can be used to analyze workers’ performance and be used as an unbiased tool for employee appraisal. Also, it can be used as a tool to discipline rogue employee as the data obtained from it is often beyond reproach. This has the tendency of improving employee’s productivity as their handiwork will proportionally weigh with their returns and rewards.

Keyloggers can also be very useful in enforcing employee’s restriction. They can be used to block restricted web pages and portals. Moreover, they can be used to disallow access to some network resources during working hours of the company. Employee absenteeism can also be tamed and punctuality enhanced without interpersonal interaction between the employee and his boss.

Monitoring software can also improve the network security. In a world full of corporate secrecy and cultures, the software can be used to block malware, virus and bugs that may be sent through the network of competing firms as a means of corporate espionage. And since it’s rather difficult to restrict the flow of these secrets among employees in the network, measures have to be taken to prevent infiltration from outside. A keylogger installed on every employee machine can ensure the security of this data.

Despite the key advantages of employee monitoring, great care should be exercised in its practice. Good legislation should be enacted to avoid abuse of employees’ data collected and infringement of a worker basic privacy rights. Employees should also be well briefed on the use of such a system to avoid future conflicts. That notwithstanding, the advantages associated with the use of software with employees monitoring makes it impossible to drop the trend. The future of a corporation may hang on its success.

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