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The Most Valuable Aspects Of Any Online Business

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The world of online business isn’t easy. You might not have to spend money to set up a store front, but you have other problems. It’s easy to be invisible, for one. There are plenty of mistakes in amateur site and eCommerce design that can put off a customer on their very first visit. You have to work harder to keep customers engaged with you. But these aren’t impossible problems. Rather, we’re going take a closer look now at how you solve them.


#1: Branding

As we have said, it’s easy to be invisible online. Your brand just might not have a great idea behind it. Or perhaps it’s your way of implementing that branding that doesn’t work. First, look at what makes the brand. It’s more than visual design, more than a voice. It’s a way to set yourself apart. If you’re using catch-all titles like ‘award winning’, for example, what are you really saying? Say the things that give your company unique value. Your mission, what you offer compared to competitors. Then use the right channel to spread that message. If you’re on social media, put together a real social media plan, don’t just wing it.


#2: Accessibility

So, you have people coming to your site. Is your site fit to keep them? First, look at your front page. Is it simple, easy to navigate and concise? Or is it a garish mess loaded with text without any clear defining message? Your site needs to be clean and clear in purpose. It also needs to work. A lot of businesses have fine websites until someone tries to look at them on a mobile device. A lot of customers use mobile devices these days, so make sure your site has a responsive design to fit them. If you’re using an online shop, are they able to pay for their services? Or are you lacking the service of credit card processing companies and turning them away?


#3: Service

Customers don’t just need an efficient system to help them make purchases, however. They will have questions. They will encounter problems. They need real customer service to help them deal with these. For one, make sure that your address, physical and email, are visible on the site. People don’t trust businesses they can’t locate. Then think of different ways to use the site to provide service itself. For example, do you use a FAQ or live chat support? Or do you set up a support center where returning users can ask and answer one another’s questions, guided by moderators under your employ? The kind of service you offer depends on what kind of business you run, but one thing is certain. You can’t ignore the need for it.


To boil it down, you have to work harder to keep a connection with your customers. To be visible and remembered. To give them a smooth experience all the way through. Then to keep them happy and loyal. Once you master these three aspects, however, all the potential online is at your fingertips. You could reach thousands and perhaps even millions.

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    August 20, 2016 at 10:45 am

    Hi Daniel,
    What a wonderful post you have written. You explained all of major aspects of online business. I really i enjoyed this post.


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