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Various Types of Mobile Phone Connectors

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Our mobile phones are quite precious. They are like mini computers in our hands. They are all the more valuable because they connect us to the entire world. Without them, we would have to go back to a world which is devoid of technology and that wouldn’t be quite pleasant.

These mobile phones would just be toys in our hands had it not been for the SIM cards or the memory cards or the USB cables. Without these, there would be no network in the phone, no data storage capacity or no way to transfer data or even charge your mobile phone. Now that is going to make your phone completely useless. For these to work, the more important things you need are the mobile phone connectors, which are primarily divided into three categories. These are as follows:

  • SIM card connectors
  • Memory card connectors
  • USB connectors

In this article, we will elaborate on these. Read on to find out more.


#1 SIM Card Connectors

There is a wide range of SIM card connectors to cater to the varying specifications of different mobile phones. Let’s elaborate on the different types of SIM card connectors available.

Hinged SIM Card Connectors

As the name suggests, this kind of SIM card connectors come with a hinge to lock the SIM in place. It comes with 6 to 8 contacts and a hinge slide lock mechanism to secure the card.

Push SIM Card Connectors

This kind of SIM card connector is common in most phones nowadays. To insert the SIM, you need to place it in the slot and give a slight push inside to make it sit in place. While ejecting the SIM card, you would need to give it a little push again. This way, the card will come out easily. These come with shielded metallic case, built-in SIM card detection switch and gold-plated contacts that accommodate 1500 or 5000 card insertion cycles which depends on the design of the connector.

Push Pull SIM Card Connectors

Just as the name suggests, for this kind of SIM card connectors, a slight push gets it in. To get it out, you would need to perform a pulling action.

Micro SIM Card Connectors

Micro SIM card connectors can accommodate micro SIM cards only. They come in two mechanisms: push and push pull.

Nano SIM Card Connectors

These kinds of SIM card connectors accommodate only nano SIM cards. The push pull format for nano SIM cards come with six contacts.

#2 Memory Card Connectors

There are three primary types of memory card connectors available in the market. These include the following:

  • Push memory card connectors
  • Push pull memory card connectors
  • Hinged memory card connectors

Some of the features of the memory card connectors include the following:

  • Built-in spring system
  • Rib wall in inner housing
  • Braking tabs
  • Card detection switch to monitor card insertion and un-insertion cycles

For phones that suffer the chance of vibration, the hinged memory card connector works wonders, since it holds the memory card in place and locks it in. This way, the memory card’s movements get restricted and it is secured in place.

#3 USB Connectors

Did you know that the USB (Universal Serial Bus) came into existence in the year 1996 and replaced the complicated serial and parallel ports that used to for the connection between the computer and other peripheral devices? There are various kinds of USB connectors to accommodate the varying requirements of mobile devices like mobile phones etc. Some these categories are as follows:

Mini USB 2.0

This accommodates USBs on the go and comes with 5000 mating cycles. It comes with gold-plated contacts and high-temp thermoplastics as housing materials.

Micro USB 2.0

This is a vertical mount USB connector that is mounted at 180 degrees on PCB. In addition to this, micro USB 2.0 can also be a bottom mount USB connects, a mid mount USB connector or a top mount USB connector. There is also a category for the horizontal mount USB connector.

Full Size USB 2.0 Connectors

This type of USB connectors can be divided into various categories according to the usage and built.

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