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Versatile and Authentic Window Canopy Designs

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These days, window canopy designs are all about increasing the aesthetic value of your window along with providing a beautiful framework piece. Thanks to these awesome designs, you get double benefit of having shelter for your window from harsh weather conditions along with getting something that not only looks great but also adds to the decorative value of the house. There are a variety of designs to choose from these days, here are some of them-

Metal Canopies

For those who can afford designs made of metals like steel or aluminum, this is one of the best options available. The good thing is that even though these are slightly expensive, they also offer you with the flexibility of using mixed metals. With these metal canopy designs you have the advantage of choosing from either contemporary or rustic art types. Then there are also some colonial designs available that spruce up and enhance the outdoor space. Another advantage here is that these metals are durable, sturdy and also weather friendly and so you may be doing a one time investment, but surely save up a lot for the future.


Cloth Canopies

These are usually made from vinyl, polyester and other related fabrics, which are sturdy and durable. The idea would be to have cloth canopies in areas where the weather is pleasant and not really harsh all year round. This really works for warmer climates, where there are less of environmental hazards, especially during the winter months. The canopy designs made from cloth provide beautiful designs that are portable and easy to remove. These are one of the most authentic design types available. Another big advantage with these designs is that they are really easy on the pocket. So you can keep trying something new on and off.



Glass or Fiber Glass Canopy Designs

One of the latest inventions in the field of canopies would be the glass designs. Most of these are usually available in fiber glass, which is more durable and practical. The tougher ones may be slightly high on the price but again they are surely versatile. You have the option to choose from different kinds of glasses like etched, plain or even colored depending on the window. You can also go for an extensive design or pattern that covers a bigger area, especially for the patio window side. These can be merged with metal designs as well.


Wooden Canopy Designs

Wooden canopy designs are preferred in areas where there is not much of torrential rain or weather hazards. In particular, materials like bamboos or cane really works here because they are cost effective. Also, these are ideal for creating a more dramatic structure for canopies in outdoor spaces like near the swimming pool area or lounging area. The wooden canopies can be merged with some metal or even cloth versions. You can opt for something partially done in wood and glass to create a more stylish effect.


Other Factors to Keep in Mind

When working or thinking about installing a canopy design always keep in mind the area that you want to cover. Though smaller canopies are standard for doors and windows; these days, people prefer going for something more extensive and elaborate. These are ideal for bigger outdoor spaces or when you want to use the outdoor space for seating or storage purposes.

Do work out the costs by comparing different deals both online and through stores. This will help you to not only cut down costs, but also get a more feasible idea about how to go about window canopy designs for either your commercial or home space.

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