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Ways by which 3D Printing is Changing the World

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3D printing is one of the hottest things that are presently trending in the tech world. People today are using it for different types of things like art, work, entertainment, medical needs and education. We are slowly realizing the potential that the 3D printed materials can bring to the plate across multiple industries including space, education, manufacturing and also weaponry.

The pace at which it is going, 3D printing will probably be one of the most promising technologies that can change the world. Here are a few ways by which 3D printing can or will change the world eventually.

Replacements will be Available 24*7

Probably the biggest contribution that 3D printing makes to the modern society is making replacements available readily. Rather than visiting a store and get a replacement that will take days to reach your home, you can use the 3D printers to print your requirement right away. You can also print the exact number of parts required.


There are several 3D printing websites offering sections with blueprints. You just need to know what you are looking for to find them.

Home Construction Gets Cheaper

Home prices are on rise presently. The youth of today is taking all possible steps to bring down carbon footprints including the construction of houses. 3D printing helps to make construction significantly more eco-friendly. You can cut down charges and recycle the items for a more sustainable future.

Today, technology is taken advantage of to build low-cost houses using recycled materials. This has great potential in the developing countries where houses can be made fast and at an affordable rate alleviating housing crisis caused due to rising populations and lack of space.


Custom Designed Clothes on Offer

In 2013, Lindsay Ellingson, Victoria’s Secret modelwowed the techies and fashionistas alike by strutting down the runway in a glittery snowflake ensemble that is accessorized with a corset, set of wings and a headpiece that is fashioned from nylon. This stunt only hinted how 3D printing can transform the clothing industry. In the near future, the clothiers are likely to use a 3D scan of consumer bodies to design accessories and garments that do not just fit perfectly but adjust to individualized movements of the body. With 3D printing visualization, it is easy to decide on the flexibility that you want in centimeters or millimeters on a given part.

Prosthetics Acquire Affordability

The 3D printers are in use for creating low-cost prosthetic where they are mostly required: war-torn parts of the world where it is hard to find a replacement. Since the idea here is to create cheap and customization products anyone can afford, it’s just a matter of time, when it will be mainstream affecting the lives of the affected.

Option to Get the Parts even in Space

Getting into space takes a lot of fuel as well as preparation and in case something goes wrong, equipment or spare parts are hard to obtain. As you can guess, transporting items to space is extremely expensive and the astronauts may need to wait for the next mission or find an alternative solution to their problems.

With the availability of 3D printing, it is easy to print out tools, parts and other equipment essential in the event of an emergency.


Less Pollution of Shipping

The 3D print shops will proliferate the high streets and shopping centers one day since these are places where the online customers can go and collect the products they place an order for. This will bring down the number of items that are being shipped around the globe, reducing carbon footprint.

Better Education

Education will benefit enormously of 3D printing technologies. A large number of schools already come with 3D printers; this number will rise as retail costs continue to fall. The low cost as well as speedy printers are capacitance to make subjects more interesting than ever.

Faster Design as well as Innovation

In the world of manufacturing and design, everything right from new car models to clothing and food can be designed rapidly, helping bring products to market faster. Since the 3D printers can save both money as well as time, the designers can pay more attention to streamlining the function of their inventions.

Though 3D printing has huge potential, there are high chances that the changes will take longer than expected before they are implemented. However, we don’t mind to wait for the changes that it promises to bring into the world. Do we?

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