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Weekend: Amazing Ways to Spend Your Saturday & Sunday

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How do you spend your weekends? This is a question a lot of people ask themselves these days. Could you be doing more with your weekends? You need to start being proactive, and looking at ways you can get the most out of your Saturday’s and Sunday’s. Check out this list of ideas and choose something for the weekend.

#1: City Break

The city break has become a very popular choice for a weekend getaway. Whether you’re planning an amazing LA weekend as a couple, or a solo visit to Berlin, weekend breaks are brilliant. These allow you to have a couple of days away to recharge the batteries and take in a different culture. Over 40% of Americans regularly enjoy city breaks, and this number is growing. Weekend city breaks are an excellent way to have a mini holiday without having to eat into your annual leave.


#2: Paint the Flat

These days we all seem to be too busy to tackle many of the important tasks we need to do at home. There is always housework that’s got to be done and spring cleaning that needs addressing. But this means being disciplined and setting aside a weekend to do it. One of the first things to start with is painting the flat. It might have been a while since you did this, and the walls may have marks and scuffs. So, move all the furniture, get some sheets down, buy paint, and go nuts. Make sure you buy rollers, as well as brushes, and get some white spirit to clean them at the end. Two coats are advisable to make it look really good. Oh, and don’t forget to wear overalls or clothes you don’t mind getting ruined.



#3: Go Fishing

Hobbies and interests are important and a great way of keeping yourself busy. And a wonderful use of your weekend would be to go fishing. Many people like to take fishing trips with friends or family. There are a lot of really great areas where you can enjoy some fishing. Fishing is hugely popular, with around 50 million anglers in the US alone. So, if you want to make the most of the weekend, you might consider doing some competitive fishing and signing up for a tournament. You’ll need to consider tournament weighing scales, like the kind that WeighMaster produce. It will also be necessary to refresh your licence and be sure you have a top quality rod.


#4: Run a 10k (and Recover!)

It’s becoming quite popular these days to train for and run a 10k. Right now it might seem like the least fun thing you can possibly think of to do. But, you might be surprised how rewarding it can be to run this sort of distance. It’s a massive personal achievement for anyone, and will also help you to attain a high level of fitness. You may want to spend one day of your weekend running the 10k, and the other recovering! This is a huge undertaking for one person, and you’ve got to be sure your body can recover. Make sure you tackle a 5k first and then move up to a 10k. When you’re running it, you need to ease into it and work yourself up to a harder, faster run.


So many of us waste our weekends lounging around and doing nothing. Sometimes it’s important to do this and enjoy the relaxation. But, it’s important to get out and do things as well. You need to try to keep active, as well as doing stuff you enjoy. These are a few ideas for things you might consider doing over the weekend.

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