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Why Your Weight Isn’t The Only Thing That Matters To Health

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A lot of us get into exercise and build our fitness regime around one goal and one goal only. To start shedding weight. However, this approach is flawed and can lead to as many problems as it can benefits. Being truly healthy is about more than just maintaining a healthy weight. We’re going to look at other aspects to incorporate into your health kick. Hopefully, the following tips should stop you from getting weight-obsessed.

Gut Health

First, you need to look at your insides and what extra steps you should be incorporating to help them. For one, there’s the whole aspect of health that relates to illness and bodily processes. If you’re only focusing on caloric intake, you’re not paying attention to other things your body needs. Tools like vitamins and probiotics. The uses of L. casei and other probiotics include resistance to bugs and illness, as well as improved digestion, for example. Meanwhile, vitamins help all kinds of bodily processes. From your digestion to the health or your skin and hair. A balanced diet is about more than cutting portion size down. It’s about providing your body with everything it needs to be truly healthy.

Mental Health

Focusing on calories sometimes means that people will focus only on what they eat, not what they do. We’re going to look at some of the physical damage this can cause below. Otherwise, however, you may be missing out on the mental benefits of exercise. Better sleep. Lowered stress hormones. Endorphin releases. These can all work to drastically improve your lifestyle.



Visceral Fat

As for the physical dangers of neglecting exercise, you need to worry about a whole other kind of fat. The fat around your organs is known as visceral fat. Whilst cutting down on the carbs might help you shed pounds and help you look thinner, you need exercise to shift visceral fat. Without attempting to decrease that, you’re still at risk of all kinds of organ failure. Much sooner in life than the average healthy individual, too. Make sure that exercise plays an integral role in how you maintain your health.


Besides shifting fat, you could be getting all kinds of better benefits from exercise. This means putting a focus on muscle building as well as aerobics. Not only do you build muscle and strength. It also helps increase coordination, balance, posture and other elements of physical health. You don’t need to be lifting huge amounts to give your muscles the workout they need. However, doing work on the individual muscles of any kind will help you retain mobility long into your life. Whereas ignoring them will see you get stiffer through the years, regardless of your weight.


Without knowing the full benefits of exercise and a complete diet, it’s easy to suffer from many problems. You might miss out on the mental and coordination benefits of exercise. Your digestion and visceral fat may continue to deteriorate. Without a balanced plan of attack, you won’t get the full effects of a healthy lifestyle.

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