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What’s an Inertia Reel? How Do You Use It?

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Many accidents occur in workplaces and worksites when employees are working at heights. This makes this an area that needs to be addressed by all business organizations that rely on applications in which employees work at heights. Fortunately, there are many short courses which empower employees to work more safely and avoid dangers when working in elevated work environments.

However, there’s more that business organizations can do to reduce the number of accidents that occur when working at heights, like investing in fall prevention equipment like harnesses and inertia reels. Inertia reels are what we’ll look at here in this article as many businesses have yet to invest in them for their employees, which is a mistake, as they have many excellent benefits to offer.

What’s an Inertia Reel?

Inertia reels are fall prevention devices which are used in a wide range of applications in which the worker has to move more than 30 degrees from the anchor point. Some examples of the work environments in which an inertia reel may be required include:

  • Aircraft bays
  • Construction sites
  • Warehouses

Employing galvanized cabling to deliver extra strength, the inertia reels available at Safe Right are an excellent investment in employees’ workplace health and safety and help to avoid preventable accidents in the workplace. If an employee was to fall from a height or lose their balance, the inertia reel would prevent them from falling more than a few centimeters and reduce the fall arrest forces. Designed to enable workers to operate equipment and carry out tasks more easily at heights, inertia reels are considered essential fall protection devices for all workers that perform tasks at heights.


There are many different types of inertia reels available, with most models varying little except in terms of length and strength. All will feature a quick-acting brake system, visual fall indicators, and a swivel snap hook and karabiner, with some featuring as many as three karabiners to provide extra protection. When shopping around for inertia reels for your employees, focus your attentions on:

  • Length and strength of line
  • Lightweight and compactness
  • Additional features required

There are some excellent products on the market, so be sure to read some reviews and ask your business peers for their thoughts to select the best inertia reels available for your employees.

How Do You Use It?

Inertia reels work by providing a quick-acting braking system that slows the descent of the worker should they fall from a height. They’re attached to a harness which is worn by the employee (this also needs to be of a top quality if it’s to provide the protection required), as well as a safety cable or another secure anchor of some kind. Workers must make sure the anchor selected will support their weight if they were to fall.


In conclusion, inertia reels are essential safety devices that need to be worn by all employees who work at heights. They provide a braking system that slows and stops the descent of the individual, with the effect that they will only fall a few centimeters and not injure themselves.

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