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Which Insurance Plan is Best for You?

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“Health is wealth”

According to this famous quote health remains a top priority for all of us. A single wrong decision will be harmful for us as well as our family. No matter how rich you if do not have healthy people around you, all is a waste.

Choosing the right insurance policy can be quite tricky and complicated. To make the best decision it is important for you to research well in advance and know all the choices available. A volley of choices are thrown towards you,but it is important to decide what suits you best. For the Best Deals Click Now : My Insurance Broker



For getting the best deals, you first must go through these points-

1) Categories

There are different kinds of categories available – silver, bronze, gold and platinum.

Lets look at these categories in brief-

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Bronze Plan- In this plan you tend to play less monthly cost but visiting a doctor will cost you a lot. Bronze plan covers around 60% of your medical expenses and left 40% you will have to bear. A bronze plan is perfect if you don’t meet the doctor often or you hardly pop in medicines. This will save up money in your savings. Make sure your most visited doctors or most utilised medicines are in the list of the insurance policy.
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Silver Plans- This plan is less expensive than Gold plan but offers better coverage than bronze plan. This plan will cover 70% of your expenses but you will bear 30% of the expenses. If you don’t meet a doctor often and don’t have many medicines , then this plan is perfect for you.
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Gold Plan- In this plan you will pay higher monthly costs. But your monthly expenses on doctor and medicine will be reduced. Gold plan covers around 80% of your expense and 20% you have to bear.
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Platinum Plan- This is the best plan if you are willing to spend money to get maximum coverage of your bills and benefits. You will pay a very high monthly cost but your expense on doctor and medicine will be negligent.

2) Monthly Premium

These expenses will be incurred by you every month irrespective of the fact if you are using the medical services provided or not. It is important to divide your salary in such a way that you give a monthly premium and still live a comfortable lifer.

3) Additional costs

These additional costs are known as out of the pocket costs that you give apart from the monthly premium. These are not covered under your plan. These are in lieu of the services of care.


4) Riders

Riders provide additional benefit, these are recommended for different aspects like permanent disability and additional risk. Riders can also be offered against already existing diseases. One can also claim insurance for diseases like hypertension and diabetes.

These tips will guide you well to decide which plan is best for you and your family.

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