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Whys and Hows of Fire Blanket: Things You Must Know Today

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The fire blankets are fire safety items that prove useful in instances of a fire. They restrict smaller fires by cutting down oxygen supply fueling the flames. Owing to their simplicity, the fire blankets are easy to be used by the individuals who don’t have adequate experience of dealing with the fire extinguishers.

It is better to keep fire blankets in the kitchen and learn the ways to use them correctly. While cooking, if the pan catches fire, never make the mistake of pouring water onto the flames. Fire may spread out rapidly in this case, thereby leading to devastating consequences. If you ever need to tackle pan fires, the safest and the most effective way of doing it is by using a fire blanket.

The fire blankets is made using glass fiber fabric that comes with a fire resistant coating. It works by stopping the airflow, starving it of oxygen which is one of the vital ingredients fire needs to keep itself burning.


How to Store Fire Blankets?

The fire blankets must be quickly and easily available. The fire blankets are usually installed in the kitchen areas where small cooking fires may take place. Avoid placing them right beside the cooking area because you may face trouble getting the fire blanket in case a fire breaks out. You can,instead, place them near the doorway of the kitchen.

When should you Use the Fire Blankets?

The fire blankets are perfect for extinguishing cooking fires. They can also be used for wrapping around people in case their clothes are on fire. Also know more about Fire Sprinkler Systems


Advantages of Using the Fire Blankets

  • The fire blankets have several advantages apart from the most obvious one, that is,the ability to put out fire. According to the fire experts, there have been several instances when the fire blankets have turned outto belife savers.
  • Here are some of the reasons that make investing in them a necessity.
  • The fire blankets are very easy to use as formal training is not necessary here. These blankets are possible to be used by anyone.
  • They are possible to be used on people; something which is not possible with the fire extinguishers. It is possible to escape fire-injuries by wrapping a fire blanket around the body.
  • They can be used to extinguish household fires at the very beginning; preventing their spread in the initial stage itself.
  • The fire blankets are ready for use always. Unlike the fire extinguishers, they are a sure shot option.
  • The fire blankets are affordable and easy to store.
  • It is not hard to find the fire blankets. You can easily purchase them from the local hardware shops.

How to Put Out Fires Using Fire Blankets?

  1. Get the fire blanket out of the small bag.
  2. Protect hands. You certainly don’t want the smoke or flame to hurt your hands. You can roll the blanket to protect them or use the flame retardant gloves.
  3. As soon as you get the blanket to secure your hands, place it over flames. Lay it down gently, don’t throw it. Don’t try to place the blanket at the far side of the fire at the beginning; place the blanket at the side closer to you and then move in slowly. If you throw the bottom of the blanket at the far side first, the flames may creep up over blanket, worsening the situation.
  4. Turn off the heat source. In case the flame was started by a source of heat, like an oven, space heater or a stove burner, turn off the source of heat. This will bring down the time taken for the blanket to suffocate fire. Remember that some smoke will run through the blanket. This is normal. This certainly does not signal that the blanket is on fire or is not working properly.
  5. Leave the blanket as it is for at least 15 minutes. The flames will be suffocated by this time. Don’t attempt to touch or move the blanket till it cools down completely.
  6. Get in touch with the fire department. If you find it difficult to extinguish the fire yourself, call for emergency assistance. Even if you have extinguished the fire successfully, you need to get in touch with the fire department to ensure that the fire is properly extinguished and there aren’t lingering embers capacitance to cause another fire.

Though there are several ways to tackle kitchen fire, using the fire blanket is one of the most effective. Make sure that you take adequate care of your fire blanket so that it remains useful for a long time. Also, make sure to check for splits in the blanket. If you find any, it’s time to replace the blanket.

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