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Wide Range of Coffins for Sale to Mark Grief and Remembrance

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Coffin is a container that holds dead bodies for burial. The shape of a coffin looks like the shape of a body and is broader at the top for the shoulders and decreases in width toward the end where the feet are placed. Coffin is used only for burial and in past few years the variety and designs of coffins have changed a lot. Although the traditional style wooden coffin is still quite popular, but people desire for something different, individual and environmentally friendly.

Wide range of coffin for sale to meet the personalized demand and choices of customer

Crematoriums have formed regulations that require coffin and all its fittings and furnishings to make from suitable material that environment friendly. Keeping this in mind, there are wide range of coffin for sale to meet the personalized demand and choices of customer:


Traditional Coffins:

Made of hard oak or elm wood, used to bury people for years. Since hardwood is expensive, soft woods or chipboard veneered coffins have become the preferred reasonable alternative. These coffins can also be adorned with specially designed handles, nameplates etc. made from metal.

Contemporary Eco Coffins:

These are beyond the traditional coffins and are contemporary and environment friendly with options to mix style, design and traditional techniques. These innovatively designed coffins are extremely sturdy and these are made by using recycled paper. They are environment safe, therefore ideally suited for burial sites.

Wicker coffins:

Wicker is a natural fiber made out of branches or plant stalks. They are formed in shape by weaving them into a rigid material. The wicker coffins are environment friendly and are hand woven keeping all personal details and choices in mind. They are unique and individualized by the specialist makers.


Felt coffins:

Made of natural fibers that are condensed and matted together. A woolen blanket forms a layer over the strong and supporting wooden frame. These coffins are a new environment friendly approach and an alternate option for traditional Victorian style coffin.


Woolen coffins:

These coffins are made of natural and pure wool finely knitted together with a wooden outline to provide support. The inline of these coffins are either fleece or cotton. These coffins can be individualized by having name or getting a design on the frame and are sturdy alternate for the funeral ceremony.


Jute coffins:

Made of vegetable fiber bound together to form a shape. They are rigid in nature, looks like wood and can easily spin into a coffin. They can be personalized and painted in any color of preference.


Custom Made coffins:

Custom-made designs or unusually shaped coffins are made by specialists to cater to the growing demand for individualized funeral services. These custom made coffins can be of any design varying from a miniature spaceships, aero planes and guitars etc. as per the specifications dictated by the customers.


Has been used for centuries by many different religions. It is a cloth, used to wrap a body while preparing for burial or cremation. The wrapping cloth is traditionally made of white cotton, silk or hemp, wool or linen, flax.

Body Bags:

Body Bags is mainly used for emergency services. It is a low cost option for burial or cremation. Like shroud these can be used in conjunction with a board underneath for rigidity and support. They are quick, easy and low cost solution for cremation. Body bags come in a variety of colors, with an option to be lightweight or heavy duty and can be made out of numerous materials. This new innovation design combines all the requirements of the traditional coffin, whilst taking care of the environment.

People, religions and customs regard the coffin as an important tribute to the deceased; therefore they are selected with care. Click here to know more details about the coffins for sale to cremation service.

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