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Wildlife Photography Tricks For The Beginners

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Patience is the key to wildlife photography. Regardless of whether you are trying to capture a herd of elephants or a small squirrel, you need to be patient.

Well, patience is not the sole necessity either. To click an incredible picture, you need to go through a great deal of physical hardship as well as favored by luck. If you have the qualities, nothing can stop you from clicking amazing wildlife photos.

Here are a few tips to record the natural world better.


Be Educated

Make sure to be as educated as possible. No doubt, doing the homework is one of the most hated tasks, but it is also one of the most significant parts of wildlife photography. If you don’t undertake a thorough research, you will be absolutely clueless and nothing can be worse than starting for wildlife photography ill-informed.

You can check out for information online. Online research will allow an opportunity to take a look at some of the most beautiful wildlife pictures capacitance to leave you awestruck. The photography classes in Dubai will also help you form an idea of the things you can expect while shooting wildlife with a camera.


Wildlife photography chiefly depends upon capturing the fleeting moments. You will be in a better position if you can predict the behavior of animals beforehand. It is not always possible to predict the behavior beforehand but spending a little bit of time with them will better your chances to capture the ‘golden moment’.

It is better to start at the basic level. Begin practicing by clicking a squirrel in your backyard. This way, you will have better access to subjects as well as the best option to influence the environment. You can pay a visit to a zoo if you are eager to capture the more exotic animals.

Best Time to Click Wildlife

The animals are more active in the early hours of the morning. They usually prefer to fall asleep later in the day. Keep this in mind while you plan your day.

The glorious sunny days are convenient to click the best pictures but shooting in bright sunlight can create deep and harsh shadows. A bit of cloud covering allows the best conditions to shoot wildlife since that renders even tones.


Know your Equipment

You don’t need to use any advanced gear. As already said, patience and perseverance are the prime needs here. There is little need for the greatest zoom lens or any other paraphernalia to shoot outstanding wildlife pictures.

If you are making use of a compact digital camera, the key features you can use include

  • Macro mode
  • Optical zoom
  • Timer
  • Landscape mode


Focus on the Eyes

Getting the eyes in focus is key to capturing an animal. It is hard to click animals since they are in move almost always. But if you keep the eyes in focus, your shot will be saved.

Make sure that the face and the eyes are in focus. You can leave the background out of focus, and even a little blurry. Use a wider aperture so that the focus is not stolen by the background.

Foliage makes up a great background especially when you are shooting small creatures like ladybirds or butterflies.


Compose Right

One of the best ways to improve wildlife photography is by composing right. You can follow the rule of thirds. Extremely easy to follow, this allows clicking beautiful shots.

Video Tutorial for Beginners

Use Tripod

If you prefer not to use a tripod, you are bound to miss some of the potentially great shots. Tripods are a must when you are clicking wildlife. You may not require them always, but it is always a better idea to keep one of them handy.


When you are out photographing wildlife, don’t pay attention only to the bigger animals. No doubt they are beautiful and all of us would love to capture their inexplicable beauty if given a chance, they are not the only things beautiful there. There are several other wonderful things, all of them deserving a chance to be photographed. While you are waiting in your car to take the perfect shot, look around and click the seemingly insignificant things. You are bound to be amazed seeing the bounty of nature!

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