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Will Glasses soon be a Fashion Relic of the Past?

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As technology develops at a rapid pace, many everyday objects can get left behind in bygone eras as time catches up with them, and a new option emerges to be the new ubiquity. Indeed, glasses have apparently been around since the 13th century, when some clever monks managed to develop bits of glass that improved their vision, and so hung them on the end of their noses.

As developments with invasive surgery become much more refined, and more people trust these ideas once they have successfully been in practice for a while, will glasses end up joining the forgotten scrapheap, alongside gigantic mobile phones and televisions that go as far back as they went wide?

That is certainly the aim of several pioneers, inventors and manufacturers working on the new generations of eyewear, as they bring their adaptations to the table for the world to see.



Bionic Lenses & It’s Improvement

Bionic lenses are the new buzzword among those in the loop, as an improvement in typical contact lenses continues its trajectory from trials and experiments to mainstream use. These lenses are not the type you have to put in every morning, and remember to take out each night before you head off to sleep.

This new type of lens is inserted into the eye, in a similar procedure to how cataracts are removed. When you have a cataract, the surgical method is to remove the damaged lens that has become cloudy and obscures your vision, and replace it with an artificial substitute. In fact, this bionic lens only requires eight minutes of your time, and your blurry vision can be a thing of the past. Those working with the technology say that it has the potential to improve the distance you can currently see up to three times over, an impressive marker.


Importance of Glasses

This is still a developing technology, however, so don’t expect to be able to pop down to your local eye specialist and acquire one of these straight away. You may have to wait a little while. Glasses may well still play a part for specific conditions for which contact lenses are not an appropriate solution.


For those who happen to be impatient for the chance to fling their obstructive glasses away, there are other options. Laser eye surgery has undergone much refinement and has come a long way since its inception. With so many around the world opting for this choice, there are many opinions you can canvas before deciding if it is right for you. Premium LASIK surgery in Denver offers consultation and advice before you venture into territories unknown to you.

Of course, not all of these changes are going to happen overnight. The world of eye care has taken huge steps forward in recent years though, as the industry continually improves their processes and is able to offer more. So you may not be able to toss your glasses into yesterday’s pile just yet, but with the way these developments are happening, it might not actually be that long.

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