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Work Rights Everyone Needs to Research [Infographics]

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Work Rights Everyone Needs to Research [Infographics]

Anyone who is employed needs to be aware of the rights they have. It’s important to know what your employer can and can’t do with regards to how they treat you. It’s also important to understand your employer’s responsibilities and your responsibilities as an employee. You need to be able to protect yourself and make sure you’re getting what you deserve. You might not be able to become an employment law expert, but you can research the relevant laws.

Sickness and Medical Leave

If you have a job, there is likely to be a time when you need to take time off because you’re ill or injured. Understanding your rights to time off and any pay you might be eligible for during this time is essential.

Rights for Parents

Being a working parent can be tough, so knowing what rights you have as a parent is important. You need to know if you can take time off to care for your child and if there are rules about how your employer should treat you.


Health and Safety

Staying safe at work is vital, and it’s your employer’s job to make sure that’s possible. Of course, you also have a responsibility, but your employer should make that easier for you. The breaks you’re entitled to be another thing to consider related to this.

Losing Your Job

If you lose your job, you need to be aware of the reasons you’re not allowed to be let go. If you are unfairly dismissed, you can make a complaint or choose legal action

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