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You Can Avert Violating The Bouncy Castle Hiring Terms

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Bouncy castles, which are generally supplied by retailers and distributors generally, come with catch of hiring obligations. Breaching of one or more clauses might make the distributor take necessary actions (read legal steps) against the violator, which obviously includes the customer itself. So if you are a customer who has leased a bouncy castle, then you need to take special care that the unit is used ethically and stick to the precautions to ensure that you do not violate the hiring terms by any means.

Given that the conditions of hiring might vary from one company to the other, the rules that every management prepares aim singularly at the optimum upkeep of the hired units, as well as to ensure safety to the riders. You can establish it by adopting a few safety tricks and tips. You can get some idea on them from the following pointers…

What To Do And Not To Do

Let’s start with a list of things that you SHOULD take care of with your hired bouncy castles:

  • Before hiring a bouncy castle any unit, visit your service provider physically and make sure that whatever you are hiring is tidy and in good conditions. This might save you from landing up with unpleasant experiences in the near future.
  • Limit the number of riders so that everyone gets ample space to have fun. An overcrowded bouncy castle might hinder the room that every rider needs to bounce and enjoy! Again, make sure that no rider occupies the unit for too long and that they let the waiting crowd to have their share of fun, as well!
  • Avoid mixed crowds. That is to say, adult riders should not be allowed with the little ones because the latter might get knocked over by the biggies, thus hurting themselves.
  • Most of the reliable bouncy castle hire Northampton agencies comes with an electric blower or fan. Keep in mind that electricity and water do not go well together. Hence, cover the fans with chair, table and the like in case it rains and you keep the bouncy house (as well as the fan) outdoors.


Now let us move on to the list of things that you SHOULD NOT allow happening with your hired bouncy castles:

  • Do not allow the riders with their shoes on. A wooden hill or a tiny shoe nail can be everything that to need to totally damage to the air-filled, soft castles. Moreover, it can lead to ruptures on the unit that might go unnoticed, but leading to suffocation to the riders.
  • Do not let anyone carry foods and/or drinks inside the castle. Spilled foods and drinks with create a mess, often leading to ugly stains on the vinyl surfaces of the castle. This can lead to a breach of a very common contract rule- your commitment to keep the unit clean.
  • Do not allow anyone entering the bouncy house with glass materials. Similarly ask everyone to remove their jewelries, watches etc before entering the castle.
  • Similarly, pets should never be entertained inside a hired castle.
  • Remember that the companies offer an entirely separate line of adult bouncy castles to cater to the children and adults. While adult bouncy castles might work for the young ones, grown up riders should never give children’s bouncy castles a try! This can be a serious breach to the company rules. The reason is, obvious…
  • Do not allow anyone to climb the walls of your castle. Make the riders understand that the walls have been constructed to prevent users from accidentally bouncing out of the actually inflated space. Anyone trying to climb the walls can develop the risk of falling down and therefore there will be a serious chance of getting hurt. Similarly, do not allow anyone to bounce on the steps of the castle.

  • Refrain anyone having a history of back pain, neck pain or joint pain from riding the castle.

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